Hemp Products - everything from hemp clothing, hemp food, hemp plastic, hemp bags, jackets, hemp fibre, hemp seed and more are available on the new global shopping site.

Raw Cacao (chocolate), MSM, Bee Pollen etc. - get the best, for less

Yoga, meditation and Relaxation CDs - the best way to wind down. By finding the inner calm we often find decisions come to us, and easily so. Use these eco-friendly professionally designed music CDs to re-program your chakras. Can be used as background music and works subconsciously. Exactly 60 minutes for massage sessions available

Buy a Modern Introduction To Hemp - an excellent introductory book on all aspects of hemp. Includes colour photos, descriptions of uses, history, plastics, food, cosmetics, pictures of henry ford and much more!

You can manufacture any product from Hemp Plastic now including the Hemp Didge or iPhone cases - Not just drums and didgeridoos, these professional designed and sounding instruments are made from 100% hemp and recycled paper - with no glues or resins

hemp musical instruments

Where you spend your money decides if it is green

Consumers have the most power. Governments and big business all follow the lead of little old you and me.

We are sovereign beings and our choices support the world we want to see.

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