Eco Building in Australia - learn all the options, all available today.

Community Living - 21st century eco-village or communes are not all like they used to be. Learn how to start your own community or ecovillage.

The new book Growing Hemp For Profit supplies all you need to know to grow hemp, help the environment and make money too! Great for England (UK), Mainland Europe, Australia, Canada, South Africa. Personal interviews and real data and figures included

The Hemp Builders are a truly ecofriendly sustainable building company. From the source material, to the end product this is environmentally friendly building at its best. Can be used with strawbale, in renovations on residential, commercial or industrial projects. Full construction manual and workshops

Find out about raw living foods at Healthy Living Foods

Not The Cooking Show - living foods tv show available on DVD

Hemp for Health - learn about hemp foods - all the nutritional ins and outs of the omega-3 omega-6 and omega-9 essential fatty acids. As a bonus find out about hemp fuel, hemp plastics, hemp paper and more

Free Raw Food Recipes

Not The Cooking Show - living foods tv show available on DVD

Raw Cacao (chocolate), MSM, Bee Pollen etc. - get the best, for less

sustainable rammed earth buildings

Living naturally is like 1, 2, ...

Being in harmony with the Earth. It makes me feel rested, at ease.

Peacefully going with the flow knowing I am doing all I can to be green.

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